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Wallan Group was founded in 1975, later to become one of the leading family businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Diversification

    Wallan transformed from a sole proprietorship to a diversified business group consisting of strategic business units, with our value chain, these:
    • An automobile franchise: the first distributor agency for Hyundai Motor Company in Saudi Arabia, distributer for PACCAR products (DAF trucks, Peterbilt trucks, Kenworth Trucks)
    • Aviation: Textron Aviation (Cessna Business Jets, Bell Helicopter, Beechcraft) and Dassault Falcon
    • Car rental: Wallan Rent a Car
    • Real estate investment and development
    • Wallan Transport
    • Travel and Tourism

  • Wallan Strengths

    Business performance is developed on the basis of a discerning approach to the market to ensure our effectiveness in all ventures. We are know for:
    • Endurance: Wallan is an established Group with 4 decades of sustained growth and re-investment.
    • Financial stability: Our re-investment model and fiscal discipline ensures our sustainability in business for our customers and our principals.
    • Commitment: The Group has a robust culture of discipline. Our commitments are honoured as it forms the foundation of mutual respect, long-term partnerships and customer-orientation.

  • Business Strategy

    Business in Wallan Group is based on well-defined objectives and strategies that are considerate of our competitive forces and operating conditions. Once we define a plan, we allocate the right resources and support to deliver on promises and support the team involved.

  • Vision

    "To innovatively ensure a Dynamic Sustainable home for our Partners".

  • Mission

    "To continually supply high quality DAF WALLAN products and service in an efficient and courteous manner. We will enable our customers to enjoy satisfaction in our service and high percentage of up time and profit for all stakeholders".

    For more information please contact daf@wallan.com

DAF worldwide


At DAF, we feel proud of every DAF truck that leaves our factory. Because we know we’ve delivered a truck that enables the customer to drive his business. Because we know the driver will appreciate its unequalled comfort and handling. Our love for trucks goes into every part and detail. That’s what separates a DAF from any other truck.

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