Designed to provide the very best working and living space

Designed for long distance haulage applications, the cab sets the highest standard for driver comfort. With a choice of Space Cab and Super Space Cab – both with generous interior dimensions – the XF105 offers more living, working and storage space than any other truck in its class. The result: drivers stay fit and alert longer.

High standards of interior design

In every respect, the interior has been designed to provide the best possible standards for the driver. Working and living in this cab is a pleasure. An exclusive, two-tone interior adds the touch of luxury to the Super Space Cab. Right down to the minutest detail, the wishes and working conditions of the driver have been given top priority.

Safe, comfortable control

Sit in the driver’s seat, behind the ergonomically designed steering wheel and it immediately becomes clear that safety, comfort and ease of operation were given high priority during the development of the XF105. Features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning and DAF Camera System - make driving even safer and more comfortable.

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